Detox / Cleanse Programs

Over the past few years, our bodies have been bombarded with an array of different stressors. Exposure to different chemicals in our environment / diets, psychological stress, infection and poor nutritional habits have begun to have a significant impact on our health as a population. We come in contact with these things multiple times per day, and in some cases we are in constant contact. Here at Apollo Health, we have developed a cleanse and detox program that helps support and sustain a healthy lifestyle amid these things that rob us of a strong and vigorous lifestyle. Our program focuses on two of the most important physiological processes that take place in our bodies: digestion and detoxification.


There are 2 phases to our process, a liver support phase and then an intestinal support phase. The liver phase is vital because our bodies accumulate chemicals and toxins through either ingestion or exposure. To rid the body of these harmful toxins the body has to convert them from fat soluble to water soluble compounds and then they are eliminated. The intestinal phase of our detox program highlights the digestive tract. As we consume food our bodies release enzymes to help breakdown that food so that it can be absorbed by the mucosa. This absorption takes place through tight junctions in the lining of the intestinal mucosa. This mucosa often becomes inflamed due to stress factors and these tight junctions become disrupted and become larger and more permeable to larger, undigested compounds, chemical and even bacteria. This is known as “leaky gut”. The immune system in the gastro-intestinal tract becomes activated in an exaggerated response perpetuating the loss in integrity of the intestinal barrier. We then see further inflammation and more permeability to undesired particles crossing into the bloodstream. When this cycle occurs people react in different ways. Some may experience a brain fog where there mental acuity decreases, others may have skin irritations and sensitivities and other people may experience the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like gas, bloating, diarrhea and / or constipation.


Our cleanse and detox program is a combination of clean eating that removes inflammatory triggers and provides supplementation that supports the body’s natural physiology to remove chemicals / toxins and helps the mucosal membranes get and remain healthy.       

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