Stem Cell Injections

As part of our comprehensive wellness program at Apollo Health, we supplement pain relief and massage therapy with PalinGen stem cell injections for qualified patients. Especially valuable for people recovering from a wide range of specific injuries, these injections help rebuild tissue and promote the healing process.

PalinGen products are the industry standard for healing. They contain several bioactive factors meant to repair damaged tissue, plus none of the proteins that commonly cause negative immune system reactions with many similar products. They’re split into two primary products: Flow and Membrane.

PalinGen Flow

Flow products are perfect for many nerve, cartilage, muscle and tendon injuries, and may even help heal specific wounds in tissue and bones. They contain a combination of amniotic membranes and amniotic fluid, which both heal tissue and simultaneously prevent scarring and inflammation commonly caused by these products. They can be administered either in the doctor’s office or directly before a surgery in a hospital. With Flow treatments, scars are often reduced during treatment, and nerve regeneration is heavily promoted.

PalinGen Membrane

Membrane products, also called membrane allografts, are mostly to complement a surgical procedure. They provide a structural matrix and provide bioactive factors in the affected area, assisting with regeneration of tissue and helping prevent scars and adhesion. They’ve been used in applications ranging from orthopedics and podiatry all the way to gynecology and neurosurgery.


All our stem cell injection products are 100 percent approved by the FDA, and produced in accordance with strict AATB standards. Donors of the placental tissue that’s used to harvest the stem cells are always in a healthy age range (between 18 and 45), and have been tested thoroughly for any conditions that might cause a risk.

The risk of negative host reaction is virtually nonexistent, and the largest true risk is simply a lack of effectiveness – and even this is very rare. Stem cell injections are highly effective in the vast majority of cases, with limited invasiveness and major improvements to recovery time for a wide range of injuries.

Complementing Therapy

For many patients, stem cell injections are the perfect complement to our natural massage therapy and chiropractic pain relief services. Personalized attention to affected areas goes hand in hand with recovery boosters like PalinGen products. To learn more about how stem cell injections might benefit your chiropractic care, schedule an appointment today by calling (801) 685-2862.

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