3 Common Auto Accident-Related Injuries

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary situation, and whether you are at fault or not, there is a risk that you could be injured. Sometimes injuries are obvious, such as cuts and scratches from broken glass, but in other situations these injuries are inside your body and may not be visible to the emergency care providers who arrive on the scene. These injuries have the potential to be even more damaging in the long term because you may not realize you have them until well after the accident. Be on the lookout for these three common injuries so you can get proper auto injury treatment.

Neck Injuries

The most common type of neck injury from an accident is whiplash, but these types of injuries can range from just mild strains to serious and even potentially life-threatening neck fractures. The high velocity impact of a vehicle accident often causes your head to whip back and forth, and while you may not feel the effects of the whiplash right away you’ll often notice that your neck is sore and you’re having trouble moving it over the next few days. Getting whiplash therapy can help.

Head Injuries

Most drivers and passengers in an auto accident who suffer from head injuries suffer from the closed-head kind, meaning you won’t see the damage visibly on the outside. In mild forms these head injuries can be a minor concussion, but in serious forms they can involve traumatic brain injury. When the head whips back and forth it puts your brain at risk of jostling between the sides of the skull and could suffer from bruising or other damage. Be sure to get checked by a medical professional following any serious accident.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are also common for drivers as the force of impact places significant pressure and torque on the spine. These injuries might include:

  • Back sprain
  • Back strains
  • Fractured spine or discs
  • Disc injury
  • Thoracic spine injury
  • Lumbar spine injury

Similar to neck injuries, the initial shock of the accident may mask the pain in your back, but it’s a good idea to go to a hospital or doctor and get checked immediately for potential back problems after an accident. That way if you do suffer an injury you can trace it to the accident and potentially get the costs of treatment covered by your insurance.

If the injury is bothering you but doesn’t require hospitalization, talk to a chiropractor to find out if he or she can help you reduce the pain, eliminate stiffness and treat some of the symptoms of whiplash or other similar injuries, such as blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, and reduced range of motion.

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