Safety Tips for Avoiding Whiplash

For those in recovery after an auto accident caused whiplash, chiropractic treatments are some of the best forms of care you can receive. At Apollo Health Centers, our chiropractic care treatments will help soothe and repair even the most damaging effects of whiplash.

In many cases, the effects of whiplash could have been lessened or even eliminated altogether with the proper safety precautions related to vehicles. Even in cases where whiplash is sustained, the right precautions can make the care we provide that much easier to administer and see true results from. Here are three tips for ensuring your risk of whiplash is as low as possible while you drive.

Seat Placement

When you are seated in a car that impacts another object from the front and stops suddenly, physics naturally dictate what happens next. The way your seat is placed can make a huge difference here – if there’s too much cushion (say, if you naturally lean too far back in your seat), all that space can create a heavier “whipping” sensation as you rock forward from impact.

Properly aligned seats, on the other hand, will offer support to your torso and back as they’re impacted. No more than a 20 degree angle is generally recommended. This isn’t to say that they can simply remove all damage, but the right seat placement will take some of the load and torque off your back, and leave you at lower risk for whiplash.

Head Restraint

Perhaps even more vital is the head restraint. Many people view this as nothing but an aesthetic afterthought, but the head restraint is vital during a collision – if it’s placed properly, it will cushion the head and stop a major whipping effect that would otherwise take place. The head restraint should be level with or above the top of your head, and it should be about 2 inches from the back of your head in your normal seated position.

High Safety Ratings

The seats and head restraints are the most direct factors in influencing whiplash, but there are several others. Cars with the highest safety ratings didn’t get those by accident, and whiplash is exactly the sort of thing they’re rated to protect against. Proper seat belts and airbags are very important, and in today’s modern age, more and more manufacturers are able to make cars capable of avoiding many common collisions altogether.

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Treating Whiplash and Other Auto Accident-related Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with auto accidents, and it is also one that causes long-term distress to patients. Getting treatment for whiplash can be surprisingly difficult, especially when symptoms do not develop right away or get progressively worse in the days and weeks following the accident. The care team at Apollo Chiropractor has helped many patients regain strength and mobility following a collision.

A Closer Look at Whiplash

Whiplash is a common way to refer to a neck injury caused by hyperextension. Tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues of the neck and upper back are stressed beyond their normal range of motion when the head moves in a whip-like motion during an impact. Many painful and debilitating symptoms result, including:

  • Pronounced tenderness in the neck and upper back
  • Neck immobility
  • Severe cramping and muscle aches
  • Limited shoulder, arm, and hand mobility
  • Difficulty turning the head or making nodding motions

Some whiplash sufferers experience symptoms of nerve damage, including tingling skin, sensations of heat or coolness, and a pins-and-needles sensation. These symptoms can be especially challenging to treat and have the potential to significantly impact a patient’s quality of life.

Recovery Is Possible

Chiropractic treatment goes directly to the site of the injury and works to correct the normal position of spinal vertebrae, thereby restoring the proper alignment of soft tissue. A series of treatments works to gradually bring health and vitality back to the damaged tissues; before long, patients start to feel their painful symptoms improving.

Our chiropractors have studied whiplash injuries and whiplash treatment extensively, and bring a high degree of expertise to the care of each and every patient. You can feel confident in our ability to help you improve your quality of life following an auto accident.

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