The Double Trouble of ‘Shneck’ Pain

‘Shneck pain’ or shoulder and neck pain is certainly a pain in the neck. There’s nothing more annoying and inconvenient than not knowing which is which—where the real pain comes from.

In the many years we’ve been practicing chiropractic care, most of our patients come to us, complaining about shoulder pain, when in reality, they’re suffering neck problems. Still, some go to us and ask for neck pain treatments, when the condition is actually a masked shoulder injury.

There’s a good reason a lot of people experience this ‘mix-up’ of pain, and it is because the neck and shoulder are closely connected by a bundle of nerve pathways. When something happens to your body, the brain is sometimes unable to trace pain pathways and pinpoint the source. This is why what you’re feeling might not actually be where you think it is.

The Culprits for the Shneck Pain

Shneck pain commonly happens when there is damage in the soft tissues, including the ligaments, tendons, and muscles within these structures. Damage usually happens after a whiplash. The sudden jolt in car accidents may cause injury to the ligaments and muscles in the neck and shoulders. It may also trigger muscle spasms in these areas.

Another condition that can cause shneck pain is degenerative arthritis. This health problem can pinch nerves that send pain signals in the neck and shoulders. Shoulder and neck pain may also be a symptom of heart attack. Younger women are more prone to this. Rather than the chest pains typical among patients, they suffer problems in the neck and shoulders, too.

The Combat against the Culprits

It’s easy to mistake one problem for the other. This is why you should seek diagnosis so you can receive proper medical care. While you may certainly get different therapies, we believe that the best treatment for neck and shoulder pains is chiropractic care.

Chiropractic methods don’t just get rid of pain. It gets to the root of the problem. It helps fix stuck joints and removes pinched nerves, and also brings back efficient movement in the affected areas. We strongly recommend consulting us for chiropractic care to treat shneck pain. Our team of chiropractors offer different pain relief therapies that can make the road to recovery more successful.

Here at Apollo Chiropractor, we prioritize your health. Contact us today so we can get started on tailoring a treatment for your specific needs.